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4th Platoon


Platoon Leader:
1LT Edward T. Diamantis

Platoon Sergeant:
SFC David Valentin

Happy Busride through Bulgaria

Fourth Platoon is alive and well!

For those of you who have been following our story, upon arriving at Camp Bondsteel back in early May, after training together for three months, fourth platoon was broken up and divided amongst the other three platoons. At that time, the mission requirements more or less dictated that decision. Plus news of my promotion from Lieutenant to Captain complicated the matter. By mid-June, our mission requirements changed, requiring four separate platoons. So we're back, I'm still an LT, Sergeant First Class Valentin is back, and the BOHICA is really back!

Check out WARFACES!! (New ones up!)

Sergeant First Class Valentin is BACK!GUARD-MOUNT TIME!  Getting ready to roll.

Holy BOHICA Batman! What number are we up to, Martinez? The 4th Platoon has been augmented with with another squad, and now we are moving off the night shift... which means we're going to be allowed to conduct mission in public view. Prime Time baby! The mighty 1st platoon has been carrying the weight of the heaviest missions and most demanding schedule for far too long. Now it's our turn! You're with me 4th platoon, right? Guys?


1LT Edward Diamantis

Almost the End of 4th Platoon

I've asked the MPs of 4th platoon to submit messages or sayings they want to pass along to loved one who bother to check out the web site, so here they are:

"Hi Mom"
-SSG Chad Rhinehart

-SGT King

"This is a dumb idea Lieutenant!"
-SSG Willie Graham


Training Class

"There is only one King on this mountain, and I hold the THUNDER!"
-SGT King

-SSG Perales

"What the Fukakis?!?!"
-SPC Martinez


Crab Shack.  NOT IN KOSOVO!!!

And the quotes keep coming...

"Hi everybody, I miss you and love you so much. Two kisses for KK and Bon Hugs for everyone."
-SPC Bonnie Blackwell

"We have to party again, stateside!"
-SPC Caterino Roderiguez

"Don't worry, I won't come home with a New Yawk accent."
-SPC Krissy Waters

"It's in the Connex!"
-just about everybody who can't find their stuff

340th Military Police Company
Task Force 716th MP Bn
Camp Bondsteel
APO AE 09340
"Anytime, Anywhere!"