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340th Military Police Company
Latest News

The 77th Regional Support Command hosted a Welcome Home ceremony at Fort Totten for the 340th Military Police Company. BG Colt and BG Hill both extended their gratitude and congratulations for a job well done. LTC Gyurisko cam up all the way from Fort Campbell to say one final farewll to his only reserve combat support company. His speech was filled with the usual enthusiasm and energy we had come to expect in Fort Polk and Kosovo. Last to speak was a strong summary speech by Company Commander Lieutenant James Bonasia, which acknowleged the accomplishments of each platoon in the 340th.

Immediately after this speech, First Lieutnenant James Bonasia was award the Meritorious Service Medal for leading the 340th MP CO successfully through mobilization, spin up training, deployment and bringing everyone home.

WE'RE HOME!On 10 November, the 340th Military Police came home, and everyone began their 22 days of military leave. (15 Nov 2001)

Several promotions come through while in Kosovo (29 Aug 2001)
The following soldiers were promoted during BG Hill's and CSM Clement's visit to the 340th here in Kosovo
Frederick Brownto SSG
Rishi Rupchandto SSG
Leonard King SSG
Gerald Seabrooksto SSG
Francia Doneto SSG
...and many moreto SGT

Lawrence Alfano promoted to First Lieutenant (28 Aug 2001)
In front of a company formation, comprised of 100% of 3rd platoon, Lawrence J. Alfano was promoted to First Lieutenant. Effectively back dated to Janurary 2000

Brigadier General Paul H. Hill and Commmand Sergeant Major Roy Clement visit the 340th in Kosovo (28-30 Aug 2001)
BG Hill came over the Atlantic to personally check up on and thank every soldier in the 340th Military Police Company serving in Kosovo.

Elvis L. Mabry promoted to First Lieutenant (18 Aug 2001)
Effectively back dated to Janurary 2000, Brigadier General David, Commander of Task Force Falcon executes long overdue orders at a simple promotion ceremony at Victory Field on Camp Bondsteel. BG David was happy to promote a solider who had been a Team Leader in Somalia, during the same time the general was there as a battalion commander.

ABC Local News Features 340th MP Company (2-4 Aug 2001)
Diversity Of NY Natives Helps In Kosovo Peacekeeping Mission
(New York-WABC, August 2, 2001) _ American troops are on a dangerous mission in Kosovo. How are soldiers from our area are bringing character and perspective to the tough job of keeping peace? Stacey Sager brings us their story.

President George W. Bush visits Camp Bondsteel (24 Jul 2001)
Transcript of speech

Media Visits the 340th (15 Jul 2001)
Stories probably will run on the 24th of July when the President visits.

New Edition to family back home (3 Jul 2001)
Jaydin Joseph Martinez was born at 0958 hrs. on 2 July, weighing 6 lbs. 8 ounces at Albert Einstein Hospital. Specialist Derek Martinez from 1st Platoon, 1st Squad is the proud father and was very happy to receive the news from his fiance Chazley Gonzalez, the mother.

Camp Bondsteelís New Tenets (20 Jun 2001)
By Specialist John Scott Kabay

Any deployment a military unit finds it involved in brings expected hardships and difficulties. No company knows that better than the 340th Military Police Company, a reserve unit out of Queens, New York. The 110 men and women, military police and combat support, have all postponed civilian jobs, school plans, and said goodbye to loved ones to meet their military obligation.

The 340th Military Police Company, augmented by the 423rd Military Police Company and other New York Reserve Units, began training for their six-month deployment to the Kosovo area of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Serbia in late February. They were assigned to the Armyís Task Force Falcon, and received training at Fort Polk, Louisiana, Fort Benning, Georgia, and finally Fort Bragg, North Carolina where they were flown on the 10th of May to Camp Able Sentry in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. By the 15th of May, members of the unit were directly involved in peacekeeping activities in the Multi-National Brigade Ė East sector of Kosovo.

In the first thirty days under Task Force Falconís leadership at Camp Bondsteel, the 340th has come across a majority of things that only a few weeks ago were training exercises. The unitís military police squads have encountered textbook examples of concealed weapons, unexploded ordinances, and vehicle accidents. They have shown professionalism and expertise in working with the United Nations Mission in Kosovo Police (UNMIK) and local nationals of both Serbian and Albanian decent.

The 340thís support units are doing equally well with their difficult full-time tasks. The Motor Pool routinely services company vehicles to ensure their on-road safety and dependability. The Administration Section has been successfully handling large workloads of mission reports and intelligence information. Both the Supply and Communication Offices have done an outstanding job keeping equipment up-to-date and serviceable.

Still, the unit has had to sacrifice much of their free time to make the first month run smoothly. Long shifts outside the gates and inside the offices with little time for relaxation were common during the first few weeks. The availability of telephone and computer access was limited, and soldiers found it difficult to keep steady communications back home. Personal finances were being rearranged according to the new military salaries and allotments. Feelings of loss by family members were being dealt with from thousands of miles away. These problems and many more were things the soldiers of the 340th were learning to deal with together as a company.

Even with the long days of hard work ahead, the unitís spirit remains hopeful and upbeat. The mission assigned to the 340th Military Police Company is one of compassion and discipline - two qualities that are shown daily in the companyís roving patrols, information briefings, and oil changes. All the unitís soldiers are accomplishing their tasks and achieving above average results. Every time military police squads roll out the gates of Camp Bondsteel, they believe they are making a difference in this war-torn land. And everyday they roll back in off those dusty Kosovo roads makes the area a little safer and them a little bit closer to going home.

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(15 March 2001)
340th Military Police Company
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